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What do I need in order to start selling?

First you will need to sign up with Cardinity.com by filling in an application form. Your application will be processed and within 48 hours we will contact you to discuss your merchant account details. Your website will be reviewed to check if it meets particular requirements. We will examine the information provided in your online shop, your goods and services, pricing, all the terms and conditions, and security measures. Follow this link to learn more about website requirements. We will also ask you to submit some relevant documents. After your merchant account is set up and your e-shop is integrated with Cardinity, you can start selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Resources

Here you can find additional resources that may help you in the process and tell you more about payment processing.

  • Check our industries list and find out more information about what types of businesses can be accepted and what types are prohibited.
  • In order to start accepting card payments, you need to follow some requirements. We made them available to every online merchant.
  • Certain business types are not allowed to process card payments. Here you can find the list of prohibited business activities.
  • Follow our blog to get to know more about Cardinity, e-commerce and online payments as well as stay up to date with news from us.

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