Accept Mobile Payments for Your Business

Accept payments on any mobile device and let your customers pay you anytime with our powerful system.

Cardinity offers an easy to set up and reliable mobile payment solution for online merchants. Ensure the growth of your business and retain your loyal customers by offering them a modern and convenient way of buying!
Created for every mobile device
Fitted to the screen size of every mobile device. A convenient way of shopping anywhere. Quick and simple process and no need to enter card data multiple times.
International payments and various cards
Your customers will have the opportunity of paying in any currencies with all the major credit and debit cards. You will receive the funds anytime and anywhere.
Payments with one click only
Let your customers make one-click purchases, and they will be thankful for saving their time. No need to fill in all the card details again and again. Guarantee a fast and smooth shopping experience for your buyers.
Accept Mobile Payments for Your Business

Ways of accepting mobile payments

The Cardinity mobile transaction processing system works both in your mobile application and in the mobile version of your online shop. Choose the best solution for your needs or implement both!

  • In your app
    If you have your own Android or iOS mobile application, you can smoothly integrate it with the all-in-one Cardinity mobile solution. Your users will be able to pay you with the most popular credit and debit cards. Secure tokenization of card data will free your users from entering card details every time they make purchases in your app.
  • In your online shop
    You can accept mobile payments through our optimized checkout form. When your customers visit your online shop on their mobile devices and choose to pay with a credit or a debit card, they will be redirected to our external checkout page. You won’t need to do anything yourself, as the Cardinity checkout form is perfectly adjusted for your customer’s smartphone or tablet.

Do not store your customer’s card data on your servers

Cardinity complies with PCI DSS and maintains a secure environment for mobile credit card processing. Card data tokenization and protection of transactions are guaranteed.


Various types of apps and e-shops can accept orders on mobile devices. The opportunities are infinite. Cardinity provides mobile purchase service for various business models, including the following ones:

  • 1
    Mobile Payments for the Gaming Industry
    Accept quick payments in your mobile game or gaming app and offer a seamless buying process to your customers all around the world.
  • 2
    Mobile Payments for Transport Services
    Give your passengers the opportunity of paying for your services on their mobile devices. Make it more convenient for your customers and yourself.
  • 3
    Mobile Payments for SaaS
    If your sales, marketing, or any other platform or software is available on mobile, your clients can start paying you with their credit or debit cards.
  • 4
    Mobile Payments for Groceries and Clothing
    Just imagine how easy it is for customers to buy on your online store even outside of their homes. By saving your customers’ time, you grow your revenue.

Mobile Integration

We help you ensure a smooth integration of your Android or iOS app with the Cardinity system. All the modules and documentation are freely accessible on our website. If you have any problems with integration or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Start Accepting Mobile Payments

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