Online Credit Card Payment Processing Provider

Accept all major credit and debit cards!

No setup fees. No monthly fees!

Global Payments

Accept card payments from customers anywhere in the world. Reach two billion credit/debit card holders, each and every one of them is your potential customer.

Recurring Payments

Automate your customers' payments for memberships, subscriptions, trials. Reduce repetitive hassle, retain your customers, increase your monthly income.


Fully fledged payment gateway, acquiring services, attention to specific processing needs, commissions for referred merchants - we have everything.

About Cardinity

Cardinity service is provided by UAB Click2Sell company, regulated by the central bank and card associations. With Cardinity you are not only getting the job done (accepting credit and debit cards), but also cutting your procedural costs and optimizing your payment cycles. Cardinity charges less per successful payment than most operators. And it functions as both a Payment Gateway and an Acquiring Bank, cutting the middle man out from your payment cycles. Costs reduced. Process simplified.

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Do you develop software? Are You a sales agent? Maybe you implement special payment solutions and want Your customers to accept payments by credit and debit cards online?

We are ready to cooperate with You!

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Cardinity Benefits

Friendly price

Accept all major credit and debit cards for a minimal cost for as low as 0.25 EUR + 1.7% (the friendliest price in the market that can decrease even further depending on your turnover).


Our card payment processing services go along with extra safety measures which guarantee the transparency and safety of all transactions.

Smooth integration

Smooth integration between your e-commerce system and Cardinity payment service (a clear guide on integration procedures is provided).


Every business is unique. With this in mind Cardinity is ready to customize our credit card payment processing tool to your particular needs.


Cardinity is compatible with all leading e-commerce and CMS systems.

Professional assistance

Professional consulting and troubleshooting on all online payment related issues.

Friendly Pricing

0.25 €

charge flat fee

1.7% processing fee

For EU/EEA customers.
Probably the cheapest payment processor in Europe.

Sign up now and accept VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro card payments in your website within a few days!


Cardinity provides easy-to-plug payment modules for many popular e-commerce and shopping cart solutions. You will only need to download a module, install it by following our simple instructions and your store will be 100% ready to accept card payments globally. If your website is not based on a popular e-commerce platform, we offer PHP and JAVA libraries to speed up and simplify the integration of your e-shop to Cardinity payment processing network. Long integration development is non-existant here.


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