Payment Gateway for Recurring/ Subscription Billing

Automate payments on behalf of your customers

If you sell services or products that require multiple or periodic (e.g. every month) payments from your customers, then recurring payments are exactly for you.

Your customers won't need to remember to make regular payments on time, re-visit payment pages and enter their card details again and again. On the other hand, you you won't need to hassle your customers reminding them to pay, worry about late payments or lose customers simply because they couldn't be bothered to make a payment for the third or fourth time.

Typical cases of using recurring payments:

  • Subscriptions for magazines or paid content portals
  • Server hosting services
  • Mobile applications with "save card" function
  • And many others

How does it work?

  • During merchant account application process please specify that you will have recurring payments.
  • Integrate Cardinity card payments solution to your website.
  • Once your customer makes his or her first payment, it is done in a regular way by entering full card details and properly authorizing himself or herself.
  • Your system initiates this payment as of recurring type and once the first payment is processed, it saves our provided payment reference ID.
  • Whenever there is a need for a new payment, you merely provide us with the payment reference ID and new charge amount.
  • Our system charges your customer's card and transfer the money to you.

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