Merchant Account Settlement Periods

Transaction settlement is the process through which you receive funds for a transaction with your customer. Once a customer purchases goods or services, his or her issuing bank sends funds to your payment processor, which disperses said funds to you.

How Will I Receive My Money?

Each e-business is unique, so different virtual shops need different payment options and conditions. We offer the following payment options:

  • Payment frequency: daily / weekly / monthly transfers to Your bank account.
  • Currency of transfer: we can pay in Your preferred currency – EUR, USD, GBP.
  • Reserve: we will evaluate Your trade risk and offer a customized reserve, reduced as much as to 0% instead of regular 10% of the revenue for the last 6 months of sales, usually charged by banks. The reserve amount is held for a particular period of time (90-180 days) after which it is paid back to you. Check our FAQ for more information about fund reserves.

Cardinity card payment service allows vendors to accept payments in a variety of currencies from customers anywhere in the world and to receive the money into their bank account right after the clearance period (up to 7 days).

Note that your transfer may be delayed if it was sent to you at the weekend or on a holiday because most banks process the transfer only on business days.