Available Payment Types For Online Businesses

Various Payments For Different Businesses

Cardinity allows to accept credit and debit card payments online for different business models (tangible goods, e-goods or services). We give you the possibility to charge your customer one time or periodically (e.g. each month) depending on the type of goods or services your provide. You will also have the opportunity to expand the circle of your customers and receive payments worldwide because of Cardinity multi-currency payment system.


For the convenience of merchant and buyer, we offer different payment types:

One-Time Payments

An e-commerce transaction where a consumer buys goods or services and pays for the whole basket with a single transaction (one payment). The consumer has no further obligations to pay more in future and there are no more charges scheduled to be made on his or her card.

Recurring Payment

A type of transaction whereby customers are charged a certain amount of payment periodically – e.g. each month. It is most commonly used for a subscription to various services, magazines, and newspapers. No more hassle for your customers to remember to pay on time. No late payments at all!

Multi-currency payments

Cardinity multi-currency payment system accepts payments by debit and credit cards in three major currencies (EUR, USD, GBP). Your customers will be able to pay You in any currency of the world, and You may choose to receive money in EUR, GBP or USD.


Together we will choose the most suitable payment type for Your online business!

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