International Online Payment Gateway

Focus on Making Sales, NOT Processing Them

The last things you want to worry about when starting an e-commerce business are all the technical details.

We have made the integration process with your online shop as smooth as possible. Once you apply for an account we will guide you through the set-up process step-by-step, which means you can forget the technicalities and focus 100 percent of your time on making sales.

What is CRD Payment Gateway?

It is a secure service for online shops used to authorise credit and debit card payment. It encrypts and transfers the payment transaction data from your online shop to the card issuing bank, obtains the response, and processes the payment.


1 Connecting your shop to the payment gateway

In order to accept debit and credit card payments online, you have to connect your online shop to the CRD payment gateway.

2 Receiving credit card information

Once customers enter their personal and credit card data at the checkout, your online shop sends that information to your payment gateway.

3 Transaction authorization

All the information related to the payment is processed, encrypted and transmitted via secure channels to a vendor (if it meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and the Cardinity financial institution.

4 Money transfer

If the information submitted matches the information from the credit card company, the payment gateway transfers the money from your customers’ credit card to your merchant account.


You will be able to login into your account, view and manage any information related to payment cards on your online shop:

  • Profits earned from payments that the buyers make by using credit or debit cards
  • Payment transactions made by using cards, plus their details
  • Provide refunds and cancel transactions
  • Disputable transactions and charges
  • Overview periodic payments
  • Reserve funds
  • Invoices

No need to worry about the technical details; we will guide you through an easy set-up process, which is 100 percent free!

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