Chargeback process

The Chargeback Process Explained

2018 September 19 Chargebacks Payments 0 Comments

A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts his card issuing bank and claims that a particular transaction on his bank statement is not valid. The aim of the cardholder is to receive his money back. There are several reasons why a cardholder may file a dispute, and they are discussed in a separate article, so ...

Recurring billing for subscription payments

Why Should You Offer Subscription Services?

2018 August 28 Payments 0 Comments

Internet users constantly come across various subscriptions and memberships such as weekly magazines, programs like antivirus software, beauty or food subscription boxes and many other goods and services. What makes them so convenient is that you can charge your customers periodically without hassle and unnecessary reminders. All you need to do is to set up recurring billing ...

How to start accepting card payments

How to Start Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

2018 August 1 Payments 0 Comments

Setting up an online payment system in your e-commerce website may seem difficult. Yet, here are seven simple steps which will lead you to the fastest way to get off the ground and start accepting card payments online easily. 1) Choose a Payment Gateway Provider A payment gateway is secure software for online shops that transfers ...