Features of Online Payment Processing

Friendly price

Accept all major credit and debit cards at a minimal cost of as low as 0.25 EUR + 1.7% from payment amount (the friendliest price in the market that can decrease even further depending on your turnover). There are no additional (registration, set-up, monthly, or integration) fees for you and your customers.


Our card payment processing services go along with extra safety measures which guarantee the transparency and safety of all transactions. Cardinity complies with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to reduce the risk of any criminal activity related to card payment processing. Click here to learn more about our security measures.

Smooth integration

Smooth integration between your e-commerce system and Cardinity payment service is guaranteed (a clear guide on integration procedures is provided). We made easy-to-install modules and programming libraries available on our website. You can find them here.


Every business is unique. With this in mind Cardinity is ready to customize our credit card payment processing tool to your particular needs.


Cardinity is compatible with all leading e-commerce and CMS systems. Cardinity also provides PHP, JAVA and Symfony programming libraries for custom e-commerce systems. In addition, Cardinity API integration is available and well documented, allowing any e-commerce system to use Cardinity.

Professional assistance

You will get professional consulting and troubleshooting on all online payment related issues. We will be very glad to assist you in the process and answer your questions.