Payment Module for Drupal Commerce

Integrate Cardinity into your Drupal Commerce shop.

Drupal Commerce is revolutionary software integrating commerce, content and community to create engaging Web experiences that bring e-retailers more traffic to drive more results. With Drupal Commerce, online retailers have a simple yet powerful platform and the flexibility to integrate a rich commerce experience anywhere within their environment.

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  1. Copy the 'commerce_cardinity' folder into the modules directory
    usually: '/sites/all/modules/'.
  2. In your Drupal site, enable the module under Administration -> Modules
    The module will be in the group Commerce - Payment.
  3. Get a Cardinity credit card processing account on




  1. Configure the payment rule at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods
    with your Cardinity API keys.
  • screenshot-credentials.PNG
  • screenshot-edit.PNG
  • screenshot-enable.PNG