Payment Processing for Online Gambling

Why online gambling is high risk:
Gambling websites are usually associated with heavy traffic and high transaction volumes, as customers tend to place really high bets. A regular flow of large sums of money makes the gambling industry especially vulnerable to fraud. In case any fraudulent activity occurs, it may result in a high chargeback rate. In some countries gambling is even an illegal activity.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
The majority of merchant account providers are not prepared for such risks, so they reject any gambling business. If you have a gambling website and wish to offer your customers the opportunity of paying with credit or debit cards, Cardinity is ready to be a perfect solution for your business. We ensure that our service will meet your needs in order to establish a favourable business environment.
Payment Processing for Online Gambling

Supported types of gambling activities:

  • Betting, sports betting
  • Dice games
  • Games of chance
  • Online casinos
  • Poker
  • Others

All gambling business activities must be licensed. If you are not sure whether your business can be accepted, feel free to contact us.

Fraud prevention and minimized risk of chargebacks

Cardinity has the highest level of PCI DSS compliance, so you don’t need to worry about being protected. We also activate 3D Secure customer authentication tool in order to help merchants prevent any fraudulent transaction and minimize the risk of chargebacks. With 3D Secure genuine cardholders are protected against unauthorised card use. We also suggest that each gambling business should follow our guidelines on how to prevent chargebacks.

Regular payouts

We guarantee regular transfer of your funds to your bank account. You can receive them weekly or monthly depending on your business. You can track all your transactions in your Cardinity account and download invoices.

Merchant Account for Your Gambling Business

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