Merchant Account for Online Dating

The popularity of online dating websites does not seem to decline but only rises. Many dating platforms offer paid services or premium memberships in addition to free services. By improving customer experience on your website and making it easier to pay, you can turn your free users into paying customers. Online dating is considered a high-risk industry which makes it more difficult for business owners to find a suitable payment service provider. No matter whether you have a dating site or a mobile app, Cardinity can be a perfect payment solution for your high-risk business.
Why online dating industry is high risk:
The main reason why online dating businesses are considered high risk is the increased likelihood of chargebacks. Why is it so? In such a business, it is very common that customers are not satisfied because they cannot find what they are looking for. They tend to file chargebacks making the merchant responsible for their unmet expectations. The number of chargebacks also rises because some users may have forgotten to cancel an ongoing subscription and dispute the payments instead.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
Cardinity is experienced in working with high-risk businesses of various kinds, including online dating websites. Dating businesses need a secure and efficient payment solution with recurring billing. Cardinity is ready to offer such services to you!
Merchant Account for Online Dating

Recurring payments for subscription plans

Memberships are an inseparable part of online dating sites. If you want your customers to buy a premium membership, you should ensure a smooth payment process with recurring payments’ technology. Cardinity enables you to charge your customers weekly, monthly, annually, etc., so you do not need to remind your customers to pay.

Customers worldwide

People in every corner of the world seek love and friendship. You should give them the opportunity to use your dating platform no matter where they are. Cardinity provides global credit and debit card processing.

Dating Merchant Services

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