Online Payments for ForEx Services

A perfect payment solution for various forex services.

The number of forex traders is rapidly growing, and such services as forex brokerage, prediction services, binary options, and trading instruments are becoming more popular. Foreign currency exchange trading is very unpredictable and complicated; that is why, it is considered a high-risk business. Most payment processors do not want to work with any forex services, or they may charge huge fees, as these services are exposed to high chargeback risks.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
Cardinity is prepared to meet your needs so that you would easily generate profit. We are able to open a merchant account and provide a payment gateway for your high-risk forex business as well as help you with integration. We have gained considerable professional experience in working with ForEx services.
Online Payments for ForEx Services

Supported types of forex services:

  • Forex educational services and guides
  • Forex brokers (licensed)
  • Forex predictions and binary options (licensed)
  • Forex software and tools
  • Trading accounts and platforms (licensed)
  • Others

 If you are not sure whether your business can be accepted, feel free to contact us.

Accept any currency in the world

Cardinity gives you the opportunity of accepting payments for your forex services in any currency from customers in any part of the world. You will be able to receive payouts to your merchant account in EUR, USD or GBP.

Enhanced security

Cardinity has the highest level of PCI DSS compliance, so you don’t need to worry about being protected. We activate Verified by Visa/ Mastercard SecureCode protection for every merchant in order to help him prevent any fraudulent transaction and minimize the risk of chargebacks at no cost.

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