Merchant Account for Dropshipping

If storing and shipping the goods on your own is not a viable option for you, then you might choose e-commerce dropshipping. Dropshippers do not need inventory. They purchase the goods from manufacturers or distributors only after they receive an order from a customer. The shipping is also entirely in the hands of distributors. Dropshippers might find it difficult to find a payment service provider because of the risks involved in their business.
Why dropshipping businesses are high risk:
Dropshipping businesses operate almost completely online with no control over shipping and no access to all the products for sale. They cannot guarantee on-time delivery and high quality of all the goods because they strongly rely on third parties. This badly affects customer service as well. Therefore, such businesses are prone to chargebacks. Additionally, dropshippers tend to frequently receive fraudulent charges.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
Cardinity is open to working with dropshipping businesses if they meet all the necessary requirements. We are ready to offer our all-in-one payment processing solution to your dropshipping e-commerce website.
Merchant Account for Dropshipping

Responsive customer support

Any questions and problems will be dealt with by our friendly customer support representatives. If you receive a chargeback, we will always get in touch with you immediately. Our tech support can also help you is you have any problems with integration.

Competitive pricing

We charge no monthly and no setup fees. Our fee structure will suit the needs of your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Merchant Account

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