Online Payments for Adult Content

Merchant account and payment gateway for your adult business

The online adult entertainment industry is rapidly growing. However, if you want to accept card payments on your website, it is probably challenging to find a proper card processor for your type of business.
Why adult industry is high risk:
Adult entertainment websites are usually rejected by the majority of financial institutions because of controversial content and a high risk of chargebacks. It is often the case with the adult industry that customers are unsatisfied, and, as a result, a substantial number of chargebacks appears in the merchant’s account statement.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
We are happy to let you know that we have gained considerable professional experience in working with this type of merchants. Cardinity is prepared to meet your needs and be a perfect payment solution for your adult content website.
Online Payments for Adult Content

Supported types of adult business:

  • Adult merchandise
  • Adult phone services
  • Adult video and pictures websites
  • Others

If you are not sure whether your business can be accepted, feel free to contact us.

Fraud prevention and minimized risk of chargebacks

We activate Verified by Visa/ Mastercard SecureCode protection (3D Secure) for every merchant in order to help him prevent any fraudulent transaction and minimize the risk of chargebacks. With 3D Secure genuine cardholders are protected against unauthorized card use. It also increases customer’s confidence in your website which makes your business more profitable. We also suggest that each adult entertainment business should follow our guidelines on how to prevent chargebacks.

Recurring payments for your membership service

If your dating or adult content website offers memberships or subscriptions, we can give you the opportunity to process recurring card payments and charge your customers’ cards automatically. You will be able to charge your customers weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or annually. You won’t need to remind them to pay on time. The Cardinity system will do it for you!

Merchant Account for Adult Entertainment

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