Definitions of the Agreement

The following terms are used in the Agreement of Cardinity:

Account – an account created by Click2Sell, providing the Merchant with an access to the Cardinity system;

Agreement – the agreement concluded between the Merchant and Click2Sell on provision of payment instrument acceptance service and related services;

Authorisation – in e-commerce: a notification given by a card issuer upon the Merchant’s request and passed on to the Merchant by Click2Sell stating that a transaction is possible with a certain amount using a certain payment card;

Buyer – a payment card holder or other person entitled to operate a payment card when buying the Merchant’s goods or services on the latter’s online shop;

Cardinity – the trademark owned by Click2Sell and the system of payment card acceptance in e-commerce developed by Click2Sell;

Chargeback – a refund of the amounts of a payment transaction initiated using a payment card, as well as the related funds, where a payment card holder (buyer) applies to a payment card issuer and disputes the payment transaction;

Confidential information – any information known by both parties about each other during the validity of the Agreement, in particular, Click2Sell’s Terms of Service, particularities, technical infrastructure, prices, a payment card holder’s (buyer’s) details, payment card details, content of the Agreement, negotiating positions, etc.;

E‐commerce – distance selling where the instruction to make a payment transaction using a payment card is transmitted via the Internet;

Merchant – a person who sells goods or services via the Internet;

Merchant account - an account issued by an acquiring bank that allows an e-business to accept credit and debit cards;

Payment card details – a card number, card verification code, expiration date and the amount of payment, full name and address of the payment card holder;

Payment card holder – a person in whose name a payment card has been issued;

Payment card issuer – a bank or a financial authority which has issued a payment card;

Payment card number – a multi‐digit number which is imprinted on the payment card and designates the relevant card account;

Payment card organisations – organisations such as Visa International, Visa Europe, MasterCard Inc., and Maestro International which operate card payment systems;

Payment cards – any credit and debit cards as well as other instruments of payment issued under the rules and regulations of credit card organisations and expressly covered by this Agreement, which a payment card holder uses for payment transactions;

Payment card verification code – a three to four‐ digit number imprinted on a payment card beside the card number (in the signature field on the reverse side of the card) or otherwise provided to a payment card holder;

Payment processor – a company authorized to process credit card transactions between buyers and sellers;

Payment transaction – transfer of funds, initiated by a payment card holder (buyer), where the Merchant uses a payment card;

Payment transaction submission – submission of payment card details by the Merchant to Click2Sell in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement in order to accept the funds for the payment transaction made by the payment card;

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – a payment card data security standard binding for the Merchant and service providers to improve the organisational and technical security in processing payment card details as required by payment card organisations;

Reserve – the Merchant’s amount of funds withheld by Click2Sell and used as the guarantee of fulfilment of the Merchant’s obligations and liabilities;

Trademarks – trademarks owned by Click2Sell, Click2Sell’s partners, and payment card organisations;

Website/online shop – a website owned by the Merchant where it offers goods or services for sale.

Other terms used in the Agreement match the definitions laid down in rules of payment card organisations, Law on Payments of the Republic of Lithuania, and other legal acts regulating provision of payment services.

If you need other terms related to payments, check the Payment Terms List.